Ultimate Dictionary

Ultimate Dictionary 1.0.3

More than 30 dictionaries in a single application

I use online dictionaries a lot in my daily work, so I'm always looking for new tools, gadgets and plug-ins that can make my dictionary addiction a bit lighter on me. View full description


  • Large variety of dictionaries
  • Special "scan" mode to translate words under the mouse
  • Fast searching


  • Large installation file
  • You can't add new dictionaries

Very good

I use online dictionaries a lot in my daily work, so I'm always looking for new tools, gadgets and plug-ins that can make my dictionary addiction a bit lighter on me.

One of them is Ultimate Dictionary, a complete collection of dictionaries with which you can look up words right on your Windows desktop. Ultimate Dictionary includes a huge collection of dictionaries – hence the 158 MB installation file – that enable you to look up definitions, synonyms and translations to a bunch of different languages.

The program features a very simple, minimalist interface with two main areas: on the left side, you can choose to have either the list of available dictionaries or the list of word results as you search. On the right, you'll see words' definitions and/or translations. You can also enable the "Scan" mode in Ultimate Dictionary, which makes the dictionary follow the mouse and displays a pop-up window with the definition of the word right below the cursor.

Ultimate Dictionary is easy to use and performs very fast searches. You can also customize the order in which dictionaries appear, so that you can have your most frequently ones on top of the list. On the downside, the program still lacks some advanced features, such as the ability to add more dictionaries or to minimize the window to the System Tray.

With Ultimate Dictionary you can look up any word in more than 30 dictionaries at the same time, right from the desktop.

Ultimate Dictionary


Ultimate Dictionary 1.0.3

— User reviews — about Ultimate Dictionary

  • Marshall Yuri

    by Marshall Yuri

    "Good, but needs some improvements"

    looks great....follow mouse option won't work properly...otherwise worth database of good words. More.

    reviewed on December 10, 2013


    by PULINC

    "A Great Dictionary that Could have been Better"

    Its a great utility software; the illustrative sentences and the etymological notes are particularly helpful but it woul... More.

    reviewed on May 12, 2013

  • carabc

    by carabc

    "the combination of the best Dictionaries of all times."

    Ultimate Dictionary is windows app I have used, it works even with no internet it combines almost 60 Dictionaries, I bel... More.

    reviewed on February 3, 2013

  • rcsahoo

    by rcsahoo

    "wastage of time to download & install"

    After installation of ultimate dictionary software,it shows "your programme couldn't intalled correctly" I've... More.

    reviewed on November 13, 2012

  • vishal.samaria

    by vishal.samaria

    "Download this if you want somthing best, perfect and awesome"

    thanks thanks thanks thanks.........and THANKS A TON :) dear frnds if u r tired of babylon,wordweb etc...just try it onc... More.

    reviewed on March 10, 2012

  • mohd saqlain

    by mohd saqlain

    "It is awesome just beyond our believe."

    This is the best dictionary in the universe that's why it is beyond our believe.I like it . what about you? . More.

    reviewed on January 28, 2012